CT-inCK Early Adopters Pilot Program Integrated Care for Kids Embrace New Haven

In partnership with Clifford Beers Guidance Clinic and funded by the Department of Social Services UCA has been invited to be an early adopter in a behavior health initiative targeting 0-24 year old male and female, pregnant or postpartum residing in 06510 1nd 06511.
The activities will address several key areas of care.


  • Integration of primary care and behavioral health care.
  • Increasing provider competencies to support Medicaid beneficiaries with complex medical conditions.
  • Improve provider’s expertise in managing members with disabilities.
  • Promoting linkages to community supports that can assist beneficiaries in maximizing their Medicaid benefits.
  • Expanding linkages and supports to include community services and natural support systems.
  • Promoting overall health and wellness for members.

Career Exploration

The Urban Community Alliance received a grant of $100,000 from the City of New Haven to support the need to offer and provide high school-age and young adults with career exploration & readiness activities to help their career pathway. We intend to offer this program to 20 youth by breaking them into two cohorts, one from January – June 2023 & July – December 2023. During their six months in the program, they will participate in life skills workshops, job readiness training, career assessments, speaker series, receive a professional mentor, and successfully fulfill the requirements of our workforce training curriculum. The kickoff is scheduled for Mar 6, 2023 at 10:30am at ConCorp.

Racial Justice

The Urban Community Alliance received a grant of $400,000 for q 2 year period from the Department of Children and Families to support the need for a Racial Justice Institute for Community Service Providers serving populations who have been disparately affected by COVID-19. DCF is seeking to strengthen their community engagement with service providers throughout CT by launching a Racial Justice Institute. UCA will help design and lead the advancement of our racial justice mandate and sustain equity in service provision. This Institute will strengthen DCF’s efforts to engage providers of mental health and other community services in our Racial Justice and equity work through participation in ongoing learning collaboratives, involvement with change initiatives and design of data-informed strategies to enhance collaboration and promote equitable outcomes for all families served by DCF.

Project Longevity

UCA in partnership with the New Haven Clergy Association received $50,000 for a period of 90 days to
support Project Longevity’s goals to reduce violence in the city of New Haven The pilot will be supported by the CommUNITY Ambassadors, Inc. a newly established mission-driven organization that seeks to reduce and eliminate ,violence in the community by delivering real-time support and resources to children, youth, and families in one of six most challenging communities in New Haven’s urban community. As a grass-roots organization, our immediate goal and ultimate desire are to give people in our community a fighting chance at a life worth living by breaking barriers, building bridges, and bringing people closer together. This is done by hiring individuals with lived experience to become Ambassadors on Assignment. Their chief role and responsibilities are to walk the streets, meet with the community, and share resources to be proactive in prevention, also known as prevention.

NHPS Truancy and Absenteeism

Urban Community Alliance will support the Youth, Family, and Community Engagement department’s Youth Connect program to address students who are currently 15 or more days absent from school UCA will support the districts initiative in addressing Chronic Absenteeism by providing outreach and case management for a total of 20 students identified in the Tier 4- Severe (15-17 absences) and Tier 5- Extreme (18+ absences) in collaboration with the NIA Mentoring Program currently supported by the Governor’s Prevention Partnership.

As a Youth Connect partner, Urban Community Alliance will:

  • invest (1) hour of grassroots efforts each week, per student for a total of (20) weeks to help understand why the identified student is chronically absent. Utilizing the CSDE Learner Engagement and Attendance Program ((LEAP) , support personnel and person centered engagement with families and students, to help return them to a more regular form of school attendance, and assist with placement in programs within the community.
  • The project enables NHPS staff to address other critical student needs, including behavioral and mental health issues, housing, childcare, lack of technology, and other educational needs. Leveraging community partners resources will help bridge the connection needed to address the concerns keeping students from attending school.

Yale New Haven Hospital victims of Violence

Urban Community Alliance has been invited to be the community based partners supporting victims of violence. UCA will support the victims by identifying needs and resources that can be accessed timely. UCA will meet the criteria for being compensated by Medicaid reimbursement for time scheduled during the intervention. The partnerships provides an opportunity for greater awareness and funding opportunity aligned with the statewide and national Hospital Victims of Violence Program.