Mission Statement

UCA’s mission is to empower families of color to develop healthy attachments and promote physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being while developing a positive connection to their communities. UCA has three central beliefs:

  • Support self-reliance through helping individuals realize their personal strengths and agency.
  • Nurture healthy families by integrating avenues of support within families through developing a sense of community.
  • Bolster civic engagement by offering resources and support to enable self-advocacy.

Vision Statement

The Vision of UCA is that every family is supported, self-sufficient and thriving.

Core Values


UCA models our leadership with humility and authenticity as it relates to operating in full transparency


We strive to create an environment that is supportive and fosters mutual trust.


We provide direction and support to our community.


UCA and its staff operate with a high level of commitment and motivation in leading others.

Our History

Urban Community Alliance is the rebranded organization formed by the merger of New Haven Family Alliance (NHFA) and Veterans Empowering Teens Through Support (V.E.T.T.S.™). NHFA/V.E.T.T.S.™ have joined together to help further communities of color by:

  1. Empowering families and building on their strengths to nurture healthy family functioning that keeps families together in their communities.
  2. Integrating natural supports within the community to foster self-reliance.
  3. Supporting strong, healthy families so that they can be their own advocates and can help reform systems.